Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trying to gain some perspective

Everyone has aspects of their job that they dislike. I love what I do at my job but as the company as a whole gets bigger, I am starting to really dislike the corporate atmosphere. We are suddenly all about career development an people development. Big fat UGH. Why is it not enough that I show up every day and do my job well. We won the award for the best lab (out of 25) last year so we definitely do our jobs well. Double UGH.
So this year we have a new review process and have to develop goals and such. I wrote my goals down and had them "revised" (i.e. changed). My goals this year include getting 100% on a yearly test, reviewing some SOPs, participating in boilouts more (boilouts are where we disassemble the components of the plant and clean them. Participating more fully in them means I get to crawl through icky tubes that are usually full of ethanol but are now empty and scrub them with various brushes and toxic chemicals. I drew the tube cleaning because I am smaller than the guys and yet strong (damn you postpartum weight loss and p90x)). My final goal is to visit other plants and learn about them. Our closest plant is 400 miles away. So soon I will be going on a business trip. Many would be excited about this but I say triple UGH. 1000 miles of driving in 3 days with two 8 hour visits to other plants thrown in for fun. What does any of this have to do with lab work? Seriously. I have no desire to move up the corporate ladder. If my boss quit I would not even apply for her position....I like the hands on work in the lab. I've done office work and it's not how I want to spend my time.

So yes, I know I'm being a brat. It is only three or four days. It's just that the overall tone of my job continues to change as the corporate office finds more and more ways to insert their claws into us daily. If I am honest, at this point I am staying at my job for three reasons:
1. My awesome co-workers (we laugh all day every day).
2. The rate of pay (cost of living in this area is low and I make very good money).
3. The surrogacy exclusion (yes I know I just posted I am done with surrogacy but if you haven't figured it out yet, I am just a smidge indecisive about many things)

:) :) :)


  1. Susan- my insurance has no exclusions either but I've never used it for surrogacy . . . my agency is afraid they may come back after the birth and so no . . . how did you get around this?

  2. far I have had no issues with my insurance coming back on me to date. I tend to have low-expense might be different if I had a big expense?