Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am officially approved by Circle and might be looking at IF profiles by next week or so. Not sure if they will present me to the MO IFs that started this whole thing or not. They seem to like to match me with international IFs. I am open to exploring my options but am in no hurry. We shall see what time brings. On another note, life has been pretty stressful lately and I have not been eating well at all. Is it okay for me to be happy that I lost about 3 pounds this week from stress thus taking me to the lowest weight I have seen in about 9 months or so? Probably not okay but I am happy none the less. I will take any help I can get on this miserably slow weight loss journey. I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend. Probably won't get one since I most likely will be called in to work....but I am praying. Boy #2 was in the regional spelling bee today. Turns out boy #2 sucks at spelling. Being the mom I am, I teased him relentlessly for his early exit. I'm off to bed...have only slept a total of 9 hours in the last two nights combined and I'm so exhausted that I'm sick to my stomach. Here's praying for a wonderful night of sleep.

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