Saturday, April 2, 2011

First profile received

Why am I not surprised that it is not the MO IFs. In fact there was not mention of the MO IFs. Are they mythical IFs? I was so looking forward to being able to actually know some IFs long term. I have a great relationship with my Swedish guys and I love them like family but let's face it...they live half a world away. How cool would it be to get to have the parents at an OB appt before the point where they are just wishing the baby would get the heck out of me? How cool would it be to actually get to pump for a surrobub long term and not just the month that it takes the parents to get the baby a passport? I'm not sure how I feel about the couple they presented me with. They seem nice. But I'm just not sure. I really only wanted to talk to the MO IFs....they supposedly did not want to transfer until November (which is the timeline I would like). I'm not sure I'm even up for another journey if it is not my idea of perfect....but then again I never would have guessed how perfect things turned out with the Swedish guys. I guess I'll just take my time and see. Very disappointed right now.

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  1. Don't rush into's not as if you're looking to transfer right now anyway, so take your time. If you're going to do one more journey, you want to make it as perfect as possible.