Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I got pictures in the mail from my Swedish guys. Aurora is getting so big and chunky. The boys are both thinning out and look like boys and not babies. Wow. I spoke with the Canadian guys on Saturday. I thought the conversation went really well but then at the end of the conversation there was a pause where in past matches we have all agreed to work together. Nothing was said, however. I emailed Circle and told them I would gladly work with the guys. Had the guys felt the same way, then they would have emailed Circle also and Circle would have emailed me today. I got no email. I think it's safe to say they have decided to pursue surrogacy with a younger surrogate who has not had 3 c-sections. I can't say I blame them. As an IP, you want to hedge your bets so why pick a surrogate with 3 c-sections when you can have one with none? I actually have no hard feelings about it. As I told them during our conversation, they need to pick a surrogate who they feel meets all of their needs. If that is not me then I accept that. Not sure what is next. Life here is so busy and stressful right now. I honestly don't even want to think about anything but surviving the next two weeks. We have one daughter getting married and a very important OB appointment for the other daughter. In 2 weeks I will be a mother-in-law and in 6 months I will be a grandma. I bought an adorable frog onesie this weekend and gave it to my step-daughter. It's really fun to buy baby clothes. :)

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