Monday, April 25, 2011

Speedy aren't we?

Today I opened my email box and what should I find but a rough draft of my contract. Wow. Can we say fast? I am not even 5 months postpartum yet. I can't believe how quickly this is going. Of course things will slow way down now. I have to be scheduled for my all day medical screening in CT and that probably won't happen until June or July. Then they will put me on BCPs and synch my cycle with the egg donors cycle. I am still thinking that if everything goes perfect (which it never does) we still won't be transferring before September. This summer is going to fly by though so I am thinking I will be transferring before we know it. But I guess I should not assume's always possible that my medical screening won't go well. I'm no spring chicken anymore.

I am on a cooking binge lately. I made some pulled pork in the crockpot tonight that is to die for. I then put it on hoagie rolls with ham and turkey and swiss cheese and mozzarella and then put them in the broiler. They were so good. I also made a homemade chocolate mousse. Not to mention the cupcakes. Let me describe these cupcakes:
Double chocolate cake
Chocolate mousse filling
Chocolate frosting
Chopped up snickers bars on top.


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