Sunday, March 27, 2011


So I got out of bed this morning and stumbled into the bathroom. I am not a morning person. Anywho, I glanced into the bathroom mirror and did a double take. I looked thin. Now you have to understand, I haven't looked thin in a year now. I last looked thin in early March 2010 when I went to CT to get knocked up with Cletus. Since that day I had gained 33 pounds and since Dec 2, I have been trying in vain to rid myself of said 33 pounds. I have been doing p90x like a madwoman but to no avail...if anything I thought the p90x was making things muscles were getting bigger but there isn't alot of cardio in p90x so I still had some fat that would not go away. Now to you naysayers, yes I get that I am less than four months postpartum. Yes, I get that I am old and decrepit. But understanding that and being okay with a tub of jello for abs and thighs are two different things. But I digress. Back to this morning. I rubbed the sleep boogers from my eyes and looked in the mirror again. Still skinny. I pulled up my shirt to see if that would release the layers of ab flab that I knew were there. It did not. Now I am in no way saying my abs look like those of a woman who has never had a baby. But they look pretty darn good for someone on the brink of 40 who has had six pregnancies and eight kids. I THINK that if I work at it I can actuallly have a bikini worthy body some day. Not that I will do any bikini wearing. Anywho, we have two weeks left of p90x. After it is over we are going to continue to do it but stretch it out a bit and throw in some days of cardio. So our second 90 days will probably take about 120 days to get through. After my morning mirror lovefest, I tried on all my prepregnancy jeans. And they all zip. My skinniest ones are not comfortable yet but my biggest ones are actually loose. Who knew. Throwing away the scale (and giving up chocolate for Lent) seem to be working. Now if it would ever warm up we could MAYBE get some cardio in outdoors and burn off the rest of this flab....just in time to get pregnant again. Off to get ready for the neighbors' birthday party. Our wonderful neighbor had triplets two months before I had the Swedish twins. Suprise triplets. Non-IVF and non-clomid, completely natural triplets. Caused by drunken make up sex after a massive fight. Wow. Better them than me.


  1. And you're going to go and wreck that body by getting pregnant again?? You're crazy! I wish I could get to the point of thinking I look thin, but my diet has been crap ever since the bar exam. I really need to remind myself that summer is actually just around the corner, maybe then I can stop shoveling in food.

  2. I'm sure you're hot as usual Michelle. I have seen your pics. I have more flab in my left big toe than you have on your entire body.

  3. No, my eating since the bar exam has been horrible, seriously. My work pants are even snug, which is a bad thing since I threw out all my fat clothes when I moved in the fall lol. I just started round 3 of P90X 2 weeks ago, but I'm making myself redo week 2 since I skipped a couple workouts last week and my eating was horrible. I'm committing to clean eating from now til the bar results come out. If I'm going to fail I'm at least going to look hot when I do it!!