Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to work

I went back to work today and I feel so much better. Laying around is so not me. It gives me too much time to think and mope and be sad. I was really tired by the end of the day (not to mention that I had to then run the scorebook at boy #2's basketball game) and am very ready to go to bed now but I felt more like myself today.

Our court date has already been set for this week if you can believe it. It is a painless process of signing papers in front of the judge and in return I get to see Aurora and Lennart so yay.

I'm off to soak in the bath (yes, I take tub baths right after a c-section....I know, I know) before putting the kids to bed. Tomorrow is another day of work and then another basketball game. Joy.

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