Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a difference a week makes

**Emotionally I am 100% fine now. I have seen and held Aurora at least ten times and I am okay with it every time I see her. Joe, on the other hand, cries every time he sees Aurora. Very strange. I think we both bonded with this baby alot more than with any of the previous surrogate babies. I also think Joe also really wants another baby like I do. We are not going to have another baby...that time in our life is over. But it is something we both would do if we were younger.

**Physically i am feeling alot better. I would say that I'm at about 85%. I still have that horrible burning sensation at times but it is getting less frequent. I have lost 20 pounds and the weight is now coming off VERY slowly. I have 13 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am hoping to continue to lose a pound a week and thus be back to "normal" in 3 months or so. We shall see if that happens or not. Last time it took me over a year to lose all the weight. Working out will help and it's something I need to do but I'm having trouble finding the motivation.

**Getting really annoyed with having to constantly do paperwork for Aurora. First I had to go to court (missing a day of work). Then I had to go apply for her SS# (missing half a day of work). Now on Monday I have to go to get her passport (missing half a day of work if not more). It's really flipping annoying but it has to be done since Lars-Ove is her biological father and he is not here. Hopefully after tomorrow all the paperwork is done because they are going home Thursday after having to change their flight from Wednesday.

**Feeling the desire to carry again but when I think of the logistics, the desire goes away very quickly. I DO NOT want to think of finding another family and I DO NOT want to think of starting the process over again. So yeah, as of right now, I am done. Ask me again in six months.

**6 days until Xmas and I finally finished shopping and wrapping and such.

**Boy #2 had an awesome basketball game a week or so ago. Scored 27 points. Hit a 3 pointer to tie the game and send it into overtime with 17 seconds left. Wow.

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