Monday, July 25, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

Email to clinic: (paraphrased a bit but you get the idea) Hey. remember me. Girl going crazy on 10 units of lupron since 6/25. Yeah. That's right. 31 days of it. Plans? Do we have any? 'Cause lupron makes me mean. And I'm already mean by nature. And lupron makes me hungry. I ate a whole cheesecake yesterday. And lupron makes me fat. My fat pants are tight. So yeah....hmmmm...plans?

Email back: stay on lupron until you get a period. Will reasses.

Go to my friend Mr. Google. He says that you will not get a period on lupron. I know you get one at the beginning of an IVF cycle and you are on lupron then, but your period is triggered by stopping your bcps. I am not on bcps. Hmmm. So yeah....what will make me bleed? Hope? Anger? Cheesecake?

Loving surrogacy. Loving it. If my family lives through another month of me on Lupron, we just might make it to transfer. But I doubt it since I have to bleed and I haven't bled. Was told last week that if they wanted me to bleed they would induce it with provera. Now this week, apparently, my super magical special uterus can be induced to bleed without provera. Go me. Off to kill myself now. More later.

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  1. Actually, with that regimen, I'm pretty sure they're trying to kill you.