Saturday, July 2, 2011

We have AF

My last BCP was Thursday and AF arrived this morning. The timing is perfect since the bleeding should be almost done by Wednesday when I have my date with the weenie wand, and will be completely gone when we leave on vacation in a little over a week. Woo hoo. So far the old gray mare is reacting well. Let's just hope the ovaries are quiet. I was woken up last night by my left ovary twinging and that usually means that I ovulated. How on earth I could ovulate through Lupron and BCPs I have no idea....but then I am hyper fertile.

Off to find something to do indoors. It is beastly hot here (last time I checked the temperature outside was 98 and the humidity is sky high too). Love living in the armpit of the nation. Love it. It's beastly in the summer, frozen in the winter, and best of all, inhabited by narrow minded individuals that actually believe they are being Christ-like as they spew their hatred of gays, surrogates, and any other topic that their country music has not educated them about. (BTW, Lupron makes me mean...can ya tell).


  1. Lol. You are just bein real, i love it.

  2. Can I move to your state? I wish Texas didn't have the whole hatred of gays part.