Sunday, July 3, 2011

Into week 2

Of p90x that is. So far so good. I really love the legs and back workout and the kenpo workout. I endure the arms and back workouts because of how strong they make my arms. Someday I really need to concentrate on my eating so that my arms can be more cut. A fellow surro has awesome arms that are so cut...but somehow I doubt that she eats her weight in chocolate every single day. You can see her arms here: Pretty cute baby bump too. :0)

Once again we have no kids this weekend. Three out of the last four weekends have been kid free. It feels really really strange.

I have to work tomorrow on the holiday but I'm not complaining. I get double time for the time I am there (about 4 hours) and I get my holiday pay for 8 hours. So basically I work for 4 hours and get paid for 16. You won't hear me complaining. Joe is laid off this summer and while money is not tight, I am definitely not turning down any chances to make a few extra bucks at work.

Off to walmart to find a swimsuit that does not ride up or make me look fat. This should be interesting.

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