Thursday, July 7, 2011

Uh oh

Longer post later but to sum it up:
Lining did not shed enough
Estrogen is still too high
Cycle is scrubbed

I have been reading alot of surros having this reaction because we are all getting our Lupron from a pharmacy that compounds it themselves and it is not right. But it could also be that I am old and my body is old and tired. Who knows. Waiting for instructions since I know ED had only one window. I think there are several possibilities:

1. They will retrieve the ED, freeze the eggs and we will do a FET
2. They will scrub us both and wait for her next window which is like December
3. They will find a new surro super fast and use her with this ED in this window

I am ok with any of those. Whatever works best and gets the guys the baby they are dreaming of. Off to work.

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