Sunday, July 31, 2011


We have AF. I emailed the clinic. I am thinking that we will do a check late this week or early next week to see if my lining is gone. Please, please, please, pray for no lining and low estrogen numbers.

We have started a fitness challenge at work. It was optional, yet mandatory (anyone who works for a large company will understand this). Anywho, I weighed in Friday afternoon. It lasts 10 weeks and I figure if I get pregnant, that would be a perfect excuse to gain weight, right? I have gotten off to a great start, eating my weight in chocolate for each of the last two days. Go me. I weighed in at 2 pounds above my prepregnancy weight so that's not actually too bad. If I can drop those 2 pounds then I will be right back where I started....just in time to do it all again. Woo hoo.

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