Friday, July 8, 2011

Follow up

Follow-up lining check is tomorrow bright and early. They wanted it to be next week but we are out of town all week on vacation so that is not possible. I had my first check on Wednesday and my lining was an 8. I continued to bleed (though not heavily at all) the rest of Wednesday. I spotted a bit on Thursday and just a tiny bit today. So as much as I hope that my lining is thin in the morning, I don't expect it to be. I just don't see how I could have lost 8mm of lining. I was stupid and did not ask the clinic how thin it needs to be to start estrace. I would assume between a 2 and a 4 but I don't know. I am supposed to ask the clinic what the measurement is when I am there tomorrow. I will then email this measurement to my clinic and they will give me instructions. My estrogen was a bit high but not horribly is my understanding that my estrogen level won't delay the cycle but my lining will.

So I guess tomorrow morning I will know the fate of this cycle to a certain extent but not really since if things don't look good I am not sure what they will do about the egg donor and her window of only one week. Oh well. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. And meanwhile I am less than 48 hours away from my first vacation in years so even if the monitoring clinic tells me that my lining is now a 17.4 and there's a polar bear in there, I don't think it will bring me down for long. (No...I'm not really that nonchalant about it...I want my body to do the right thing so that it does not mess this up for everyone else...just trying to think positively.)

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