Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bullet points

* Still kid - free...until tomorrow evening.
* Worked 22 hours in 2 days.
* Leaving for an awesome trip soon. Can't wait.
* The fetus is hungry all the time....thus so am I. Fatness is the new hotness.
* The boys' grandpa in Chicago (their dads dad) passed away Sunday evening.
* Funeral will probably be tomorrow or the next day but since no one has told me the date, I am clueless.
* Can't get off to go to funeral because he is not related to me. Thus the family up there will think I don't care.
* Exhausted, cranky, and tired.
* IF is back in hospital tomorrow for round 2 of chemo.
* The dads never ask about this baby. I know they are busy and I know they are scared but it is strange to have no one asking after how involved they were last time. Some of that has to do with having twins to take care of also I'm sure.
* DH bought me a wedding band today. It is gorgeous and delicate and just what I was wanting. My original died many years ago. This set cost a grand and he bought it with his own money. Awesome.

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