Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kid Free

So the kids are all gone...either to camp or to their moms or just old enough to be out on their own. We rarely get any time alone, much less the three days we are going to have now. Right now I am just sitting here soaking up the quiet. In a bit I plan to clean a room and then marvel at how it stays clean when I leave it and come back. This coming weekend we are going to a resort with the two youngest boys that I think will be a blast. Rafting and family games and swimming. Yay.

The fetus continues to grow well. I check on him once a day with my doppler and he is always there and doing well. I took my first belly pics today at 18w2d. I just look fat. I got a new bra yesterday. I had been buying a 36B and was measured and it turns out I'm a 34D. Me. Mrs. A cup. Egads how big will these things become when my milk comes in? Needless to say my husband has been walking around with a huge smile on his face for days.
Below are the first belly pics. Lots of growing going on.....lots of growing left to do.

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  1. Are you sure you're pregnant?? My belly is bigger than that!! But I'm seriously jealous of the ta-ta's -- that's the one thing I miss about being pregnant!!