Saturday, June 12, 2010

So much to write about but nothing to say

Have you ever had that problem? I mean it seems like a million things are happening and I don't even know how to capture any of them into words. Let me try though. I will warn you ahead of time that this will be a very disjointed entry though.

The pregnancy:
I can feel the baby wiggling now. I am thoroughly enjoying only being pregnant with one but a part of me missing the mystique of carrying two. I love my midwife and I know I will be tremendously disappointed when the guys tell me that I can't have a homebirth. I have decided that I will do a hospital birth if they want one (and I know they will) but that I will wait until I definitely know that I'm in labor before heading to the hospital. I am hoping to convince my midwife to go to the hospital with me since I am paying her for a home delivery. She can be my back up "hell no you can't cut me open" person. Because my husband and the guys believe every word that the doctors say and don't ask any questions. Overall it is a great pregnancy so far. Hopefully it continues that way.

The wayward stepdaughter:
Stepdaughter number 2 moved to her moms house when she was 14 because we had "gasp" RULES. She lived there until last Christmas eve when her mom kicked her out. We went to retrieve her and she ran away. We tracked her down and retrieved her and she ran away. We called the police and they told her and us that she had to stay with a parent until she was 17 and then she was an adult. The day she turned 17 she was gone. She told us that it was nothing personal, she just wanted to be an adult. Alrighty then. So we stopped giving her an allowance (adults don't get one of those), stopped buying her clothes and contact lenses and set her free. By this point it was a definite "WHATEVER" situation. So we tried to keep in contact but she wanted her freedom and independence and nothing to do with us. Whatever. She resurfaced the other day. To prove her independence she stopped taking her birth control pills. And is of course now pregnant. She really showed us, huh? So she went to the OB and it is twins. I would think this was a story but I saw the ultrasound photo. She is having identical twins. Great. She lives in her boyfriends moms living room. She has no job. She quit school and did not get her GED. I do not see this ending well. We told her we are here for her but don't really know what we can do. We have an empty apartment upstairs (our house is huge) but she doesn't want to live here because her boyfriend is on house arrest in his hometow. (facepalm). What a mess. How bad is it of me that I'm glad it's her mess and not mine.

The job:
See, I love my job. It is exactly what I've always wanted to do. But I love my kids too. And I don't see my kids because of my job. But if I quit my job I would probably never get another job like it. What to do, what to do? So I'm pondering for now. Wish I could have my job, but in my town so no commute and only 30 hours a week instead of 50.

The DH:
DH's parents both died. There is supposed to be an inheritance but his brother (the executor) will not really say how much or when. I can't ask because I just seem money hungry if I do. So we wait. Not really a problem, just me being anal and praying for a bit of money so I can quit my job (yes I know the last paragraph was about keeping my job).

The End.

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  1. I hope its a ton of money so you can quit your job or find a fun part time one.